Maritime Safety Systems

MSSCT is here to assist Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) owners and operators satisfy their obligations to operate there DCV’s safely according to national law DCV- A-029-General Safety Duties


MSSCT can offer you:

  • Creation of your Safety Management System (SMS) for your DCV’s


  • Conduct crew training including including Crew Inductions and Emergency Procedures for your organisation or company on your DCV’s or ours supplied.



  • Hourly rate as per written quote supplied on application



  • On site in the Brisbane, Ipswich or Logan area’s


Marine Order 504 Schedule 1 require all DCV’s to have a SMS and provide crew training.


Your SMS should cover the following areas:

  • Vessel and contact details
  • Risk assessment
  • Owner’s responsibility and authority statement
  • Designated person
  • Master’s responsibility and authority statement
  • Resources and personnel
  • Procedures for onboard operations
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Follow-up on hazardous occurrences and non-conformances
  • Maintenance of vessel and equipment
  • Documentation
  • Verification, review and evaluation


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