May include your crew obtaining a further qualification:

Exemption 38

Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Qld)

Marine Radio licence


Crew Training required by National Law:

Delivery of Vessel inductions

Delivery of Emergency Preparedness training


MSSCT can offer you:

Assistance in delivering and documenting crew training on your DCV

Deliver crew training on your DCV or our DCV



The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part E “Operations”

require all DCV’s to have a SMS and provide crew training.


The owner of a vessel must ensure that each crew member receives the

following training:


(a) as soon as practicable after joining the vessel and before commencing

duties — initial safety training that familiarises the person with safety

matters about the person’s presence and duties on board the vessel;


(b) sufficient training in key onboard operations to establish, maintain and

verify the competence and capacity of the person to safely carry out

assigned duties;


(c) sufficient training in emergency procedures to establish, maintain and

verify the ability of the person to respond rapidly and effectively in an

emergency and to follow the emergency plan.


(2) Any other person engaged in key onboard operations for the vessel must also receive the training.

Example An onshore staff member involved in berthing the vessel.


(3) The training must be given by the master, or by a crew member who the master considers has the skills and knowledge to provide the training.


(4) A written record of any training mentioned in subclause (1) that is undertaken must be made and signed by each person who undertook the training.


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