Boat & Jetski Licence (Recreational)

MSSCT is an approved Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ)  Boatsafe Training Provider, offering
Queensland Recreational Jetski & Boat License courses servicing the Ipswich Regional District,

including Karalee, Somerset Region, Toowoomba, Toogoolawah, Esk, Fernvale, Lowood, Karana Downs, Blacksoil, Chuwar, Pine Mountain, Tivoli, Brassall, North Ipswich, East Ipswich, Coalfalls, Basin Pocket, Dimore, Riverview, Redbank, Booval, Bundamba, Flinders View, Raceview, Woodend, Leichardt, One Mile, Amberley, Yamanto, Deebing Heights, Ripley, Swanbank, Beelbird Park, Camira, Collingwood Park, Goodna, Sprinfield Lakes, Brookwater, Redbank Plains and Augustine Heights.

MSQ approved training provider





1: If you possess limited or no English skills or require literacy and numeracy assistance you MUST either visit Policy 10: Numeracy and Litaracy Support or advise Bryce 0417 48 3909 prior to enrolling in the Online Course.


2: It is a Queensland Transport requirement that you must be the holder of a Recreational Boat Licence before you can be issued a Jetski Licence therefore if you want to get a Jetski Licence it is necessary to have or do your boat licence as well in Queensland.  MSQ website.


3: You must complete your online theory training and book your assessment session with Bryce: 0417 48 3909 or within 3 months of enrolling in your online course otherwise you will have to pay again and repeat your online course before you are eligible to do your practical training and assessment session.


4: Maritime Safety Queensland requires completion of  your training and assessment session within 3 months of completing your online training.


Message from MARITIME SAFETY QUEENSLAND (regulators of the Boatsafe Program)

The BoatSafe program management documents have been reviewed (01 October 2020) to provide a clearer framework for the BoatSafe trainers and outline MSQ’s expectations for how our new boaties are being assessed as competent skippers.

To support this focus, we want to ensure every student understands what is expected of them when attending a BoatSafe course. The following key points is what a typical boat course includes;

·        Online or face to face theory training

·        50 question multiple choice theory assessment (45mins to complete) 100% pass requirement

·        Practical training driving the boat (until you are competent in all tasks)

·        Practical assessment – you must successfully complete all tasks to be deemed competent

We encourage you to practice driving a boat with another licenced skipper before arriving at a BoatSafe course – you may not be competent in driving the boat in just one day.

The BoatSafe trainers in most cases will offer training sessions if you don’t have friends or family with boats that you can practice on. These training sessions should be used in the same way that new car driver would engage with a car driving instructor.

Some of the activities you should practice are;

·        Man overboard drill

·        Safely approach a floating object

·        Port and starboard turn on and off the plane

·        Figure 8 manoeuvre on and off the plane

·        Berthing and unberthing the boat

·        General navigation and control of the ship

·        Operate at 6 knots or less


Practical boat licence assessment video


Practical Jetski Licence assessment video


If you have any questions contact with your local Ipswich BoatSafe trainer,

Bryce 0417 483909 to discuss.


Course Structure:

Step 1. Complete online theory training with a quiz at the end of each module which should take most people approx. 4 -5 hours for Boat licence and 1-2  hours for Personal Watercraft licence

Step 2. On completion of all modules in your course,  print out “Certificate of Completion” generated at the conclusion of your online course

Step 3. Contact your trainer, Bryce on 0417 483909 or email: to book into a scheduled training and assessment session.  You MUST attend your training and assessment session within 3 months of completing your online course otherwise you will have to repeat your online theory training.

Boat and Jetski supplied for your practical training and assessment sessions

Step 4. If you have completed your online course some time ago and wish to do some revision before your training and assessment session you can log onto your OLS online course and repeat it at no charge by clicking on “DO IT AGAIN” button or study the “Boatsafe Workbook”

Step 5. Attend your training and assessment session at Riverside Park, Settler Way, Karalee bringing with you your Drivers Licence or Passport for ID purposes and the printed out “Certificate of Completion” of your online course.  On arrival you will be given a challenge test based on the content of your Online theory training to validate your knowledge prior to sitting your written assessment.  Your on water training will be conducted first then your on water assessment session will be conducted.

Step 6. On successful completion of your training and assessment session which should take approx. 4 hours for boat licence and 3 hours for Jetski licence, depending on class size, your trainer will issue you a Transport and Main Roads “Statement of Competency”

If on assessment completion you are found “not yet competent” further  training will need to take place and a re-assessment session on a future date will be arranged, an additional fee will apply in these cases.

Step 7. You then are required to attend a Transport and Main Roads customer service center during office hours and present that “Statement of Competency” together with a completed Application for a Recreational Marine Driver Licence and pay the prescribed fee which is at present set at $114.90 per licence. TMR website.

NOTE: You will then be issued with a Recreational Marine Driver Licence or Personal Watercraft Licence or both which will then be recorded on the back of your Queensland Drivers Licence which is for life, at this time and no indication of change.


Course Costs:

Online Boat licence course:

Online theory training, practical training and assessment session, all inclusive: $350

Online Jetski licence course:

Online theory training, practical training and assessment session, all inclusive: $250

Online Boat and Jetski licence course:

Online theory training, practical training and assessment sessions, all inclusive: $500

Additional on-water training and re-assessment fee (if required), 1 hour session $100

Theory re-assessment fee (if required), per 1 hour session $100

Re-booking fee:  If you are booked on a training and assessment session and you do not attend or let the trainer know in at least 2 hours before the session time set down an additional fee will be charged to re-book the training and assessment session at another time of $100